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With significant experience across key locations including UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa we have successfully supported a number of the world’s largest organisations in the hunt for talent. We provide a tailored service including Executive Search/Retained Search, Contingent Search and Project Recruitment solutions.

With an in-depth understanding of the full project life-cycle, SSK Recruitment Limited are strategically placed to collaborate with our customers at critical stages in the hiring process and identify professionals from our network of qualified, referenced candidates.
Our global success includes successfully placing candidates
in to Europe (UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Turkey, Greece & Spain), Middle East (UAE, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain & Iraq) and Africa (Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Ghana, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Kenya & South Africa). Our recruitment consultants build networks of construction professionals from across the globe, moulding personal relationships with some of the industry-leading minds in our market.

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SSK Recruitment Limited believes that the best candidates in the market are never actively looking for a change. We commit to building trusted, lasting and personal relationships with our network of passive talent, ensuring a supply of fresh talent to our customers. In 2018 over 65% of our successful mandates were with “passive” candidates and we aim to maintain this level of service.


We also have a dedicated global resource centre, enabling us to quickly and effectively target high-value skills in significant volumes.

Our Services

Contingent Permanent & Contract Hire

With our highly skilled, specialist consultants at the forefront of our candidate networking model, SSK Recruitment Limited have developed a fine-tuned internal database of professionals specific to the Engineering & Construction sector. These candidates have been qualified, interviewed and assessed against a set criteria which allows for a much more specific alignment to the skills required by our customers.
Our database is shared globally and updated in real-time, allowing any consultant around the world access to immediate and precise information.

Retained/Executive Search

Our “retained search” function is best suited to skills that are considered rare in the market place. SSK Recruitment will use cutting-edge recruitment techniques to introduce our clients to the “hidden gems” in the industry, candidates who are not actively seeking employment, but who hold a specialist set of skills aligned to our customers’ needs.
We are sensitive to the nature of senior appointments and the risks businesses are exposed to and as such have developed a strategic method of extracting the best talent from a tight talent pool.

Throughout the process our clients will be updated with our progress and key data will be shared to ensure we are leaving no stone unturned.

Project/Campaign Recruit

An area of our business which can be testified over and over…volume hire for major projects. SSK Recruitment has extensive experience of supporting organisations on some of the world´s most ground-breaking developments. These include projects in regions across the UK, Africa and Middle East encompassing major Buildings & Infrastructure developments.

We take the manpower schedule and deliver a cost-effective response to large scale project hire, including the management of on-boarding, mobilisations/de-mobilisations, rotations and visa processes. We also offer an on-site project management support model, allowing our clients to focus on the progress of major projects.

Recruitment and Employment Confederation

At SSK Recruitment Limited we are also a member of the Recruitment and employment confederation. This means that we offer unmatched compliance and professional services, which allows our business to adhere to the highest standards and practice.